At The Highland Group at Compass,



You have decided to purchase a home!!!!!!!

This is a very big decision, maybe one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.

Ask yourself this question. Should you be self represented, or should you have a Buyer Agent working in your best interest?

You can choose to have your own real estate agent working for you.

Highland Real Estate, now the Highland Group at Compass, has been Winthrop’s #1 home seller for 35 consecutive years and a leader in home sales in the Winthrop/East Boston/Revere market.

Our agents average over 20+ years experience in the real estate business.

The Highland Group at Compass offers Buyer Agency. As a future home buyer, you can choose to be represented by your own Buyer’s Agent.

We do not charge our buyer clients a fee.

You should know that the home seller is always represented by a Seller’s Agent.

If you choose to work with a Highland Group Buyer’s Agent, you will receive an advocate that will place your interest first.

  • Your Buyer’s Agent will put their experience to work for you as your advocate.
  • They will take the time to help you decide on the right home for you: location, size and many other factors.
  • They will assist you in finding the best home for your budget.
  • Assist you in finding the best source for mortgage financing.
  • Advise you as to the price and terms that you should offer once you find the right home for you.
  • Negotiate with the Seller for the best price and terms for you.
  • Assist you in finding an attorney.
  • Assist you in finding a professional, experienced home inspector.
  • Assist you in finding a moving company.
  • Assist you in finding an insurance agent.

    Hiring a Buyer’s Representative does not replace a Buyer’s necessity to hire an attorney, home inspector, mortgage professional and other professionals in the real estate field. Your Buyer Agent is not responsible for, nor should a Buyer Client rely on your Buyer Agent in areas out of their expertise.