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  • Beauty - Winthrop is a small seaside village located across the bay from Boston Harbor. Winthrop offers majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Boston Skyline. Renting in Winthrop means surrounded by beauty.
  • Convenience – Winthrop is only minutes from Boston by public transportation, driving and now our new public water shuttle from our own town pier . Renting in Winthrop means less gridlock and stress in your commute.
  • Neighborhoods – Winthrop has friendly neighborhoods where people know each other on a first name basis. Renting in Winthrop can be a friendly experience.
  • Safety – While no one can guarantee absolute safety, Winthrop enjoys a low crime rate where one can feel safe walking our many ocean side walking paths. Renting in Winthrop can be an enjoyable experience.
  • Schools – Winthrop has made a commitment to its youth by building two new elementary schools and a brand new Middle/ High School. Renting in Winthrop can be good for your children.
  • Beaches – Winthrop has miles of sandy beaches to enjoy on those hot summer days and while walking, seaside paths on those not so hot days. Renting in Winthrop can be peaceful.
  • Entertainment – Winthrop has many social function such as family day at the beach, a strawberry festival, sunset cruises, a taste of Winthrop, arts and crafts shows, wine tasting, Winthrop Playmakers, and loads more. Renting in Winthrop can be culturally enriching.
  • Boating – Winthrop boasts four yacht clubs, and two marinas. Renting in Winthrop is a boater’s dream come true!
  • Restaurants – Winthrop has many wonderful restaurants and small bistros some right on the waterfront. Renting in Winthrop means superb dining experiences.