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East Boston

The Best of Boston is seen from Pier's Park
on East Boston's beautiful waterfront.

Only one stop on the T and you're in downtown Boston.

East Boston offers a strong mix of single and multi-family homes and condominiums.

If you work in Boston, the convenience and cost of housing in East Boston is truly refreshing.

Excellent rents also make East Boston's multi-family housing a very good investment.

East Boston offers a multitude of restaurants, bakeries, and shops, the cozy Italian Restaurants are second to none.

The rich architectural history of East Boston, MA homes is experiencing a rebirth with more and more residents restoring their homes back to their fashionable form, exposing the handcrafted detailing of brackets, original moldings, shingles and woodworking that was prevalent during the 1800s.


This jewel of historical architecture of East Boston homes still showcases some of the best Italianate Victorian, Second Empire, Queen Anne and Greek Revivals. With community action groups like the Eagle Hill Civic Association (EHCA) long encouraging homeowners to restore their domiciles, East Boston is back on the map as an important historical neighborhood that harbors a rich past and an even richer future.


East Boston homes have always been diverse with architecture, with its peak spanning from the 1830s through the 1890s, and each new style reacting to the times, available materials, and the trends that proceeded. 


Beginning with the Greek Revivals, East Boston and the nation as a whole, built homes to mirror the massive temples of ancient Rome and Greece, giving America a classical “Republic” look. 


East Boston homes’ architecture quickly moved with the times. As the Industrial Revolution made materials more available, the homes in the community became more elaborate and ornate, shown in the detail and rich colors of the Italianate Victorians.


Then as the 1880s wore down, people began to return to a stripped-down, bare, uncomplicated style, deserting the highly decorated and embellished art of the Victorians. 


It is sort of an ascetic pendulum, if you will--as people’s mood swung from left to right, there were periods of restraint, simplicity and elegance as you see in the Greek Revival Period.  East Boston’s  homes gradually became more ornate, followed by full-blown Victorian architecture, which was extremely ornate. Then there was a reaction to the highly decorative styles and a return to simple lines.


The pendulum is now swinging back to a period of historic renovation and Wolf and EHCA members are noticing beautifully renovated antique homes lining local streets.


”We've all noticed the incredible work some of our neighbors have done on the facades of their East Boston homes, stripping off various layers of siding to reveal evidence of grandeur long since covered up and forgotten,” said Debra Cave, president of the EHCA.


Yes, East Boston is on the map!


If you are thinking of buying a primary residence or investment, put East Boston on your list and call a market leader in East Boston area, call Highland Real-estate.

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